Pass your driving test first time

Most people hope to pass the test first time. So how to pass first time?

There are some ways to help. 

The first thing you are best off to sign up with the best driving instructor in your area. The best instructors are rarely offering cheap deals. Lower priced driving instructors will normally be lower quality You will be paying out more in the end.

Most instructors offer modern client centred instruction. This can be a much more effective way of learning compared to out of date modes of driving instruction. A reputable driving instructor would be expected to be patient friendly and reliable and should make you relaxed .

All learners want to pass their test at the first try.


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What do you do to pass at the first attempt?

There are suggestions to make it possible.

The first thing you ought to get the most reputable instructor you can. Instructors with the highest pass rates will not usually be cheap. Lower priced trainers tend to be lower quality the probability is you’ll end up having to spend more in the long run.

Many driving instructors utilise modern client centred driving tuition . This is a better way of learning vis a vis obsolete instruction. A reputable instructor should be patient friendly and reliable and should make you relaxed.

One step worth thinking about can be how many driving lessons you should take each week. The more regular your driving lessons the quicker you should be able to learn to drive.

Something else that you could consider is taking an intensive course. This can be a good means to learn to drive if you need to pass the test quickly . An intensive driving course may be a good way to learn for some pupils. Mind you crash courses don’t work for everyone. For some people that a crash course does not give them time to take in what they are learning.

Learning to drive in Chiswick

If you are wanting driving lessons in Chiswick, this is all the information that you need to help you to pass your driving test.

The driving test lasts for about 38-40 minutes. Half of that time will involve the driving test examiner giving you instructions on a turn by turn basis. The other half is called independent driving. On most test this will involve following instructions from a satnav. However for one test out of every five the independent driving  involves following road signs towards a particular destination. – for instance the examiner will say “follow the road signs to Chiswick until I tell you otherwise”

Arriving for the test

You will need to turn up at the test centre about 10 minutes before your test time and wait in the waiting room. The examiner will ask to see your provisional licence and will ask you to sign the insurance and residency declaration. They will then ask if you want your accompanying driver/instructor to accompany you on the test or if you want them to be present for the debrief at the end. As you walk out of the waiting room with the examiner they will introduce themselves to you. They will then take you to a suitable place to read a number plate 20 metres away before getting to your car. At your car they will ask you the “tell me” vehicle question.

During the test you will normally also be asked to pull up several times at the side of the road on the left. One of these will usually be on a hill (hill start) and one time close to another car (angled start). You may also be asked to do a controlled stop (commonly called the emergency stop). One test out of every three involves an emergency stop so you may find that you don’t need to do one on your test. During the test you will be asked one “show me” question. For instance to open the window or switch on the headlights on the move.

In addition you will normally be asked to do one manoeuvre involving reversing – either

  • pull up on the right, reverse for two car lengths, pull away again
  • drive forward into a parking bay and reverse out
  • reverse park (either into a car parking bay at the test centre or by pulling up alongside another car in the road and reversing into a space)

At the end of the test you will be told whether you have passed. If you have passed the examiner will offer to send off for your new licence for you (he will then keep your provisional licence) and give you your pass certificate.


Nearest test centres for Chiswick are at Greenford –

96 Horsenden Lane North
Greater London

Driving lessons in Stockport and Poynton

VH Driving School in Manchester offer driving lessons in Stockport and Poynton with a friendly fully qualified driving instructor. The lessons are carried out in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere with the aim that you learn to drive in a style and at a pace that suits you. Intensive driving courses and block booking discounts are available and lessons are carried out in a dual controlled Ford focus – one of the most popular driving school cars around. If you need help with the theory test then recommended books dvds and other resources are available. If you are interested in finding out more about driving lessons in Cheshire and south Manchaester with Van Halen Driving School then visit the website for more information.

Dr1veschool Leicester

If you live in leicester there is a new driving school in town that you should try. Dr1veschool and it’s owner Shiraz have been successfully teaching in London for a number of years and now shiraz has moved to leicester and is offering the same high quality driving lessons at really affordable prices.

Dr1veSchool leicester driving school boasts an 80% pass rate and offers home pickup, block booking discounts and intensive driving courses in leicester.

To find out more about intensive driving lessons in leicester you can call Dr1veschool on 07506 132742.

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Dr1ve School


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Sum: 0

The driving test is changing

After a considerable delay while trials and consultations were carried out, the DVSA have finally announced details of the new UK driving test. The new test will start on December 4th 2017 and contains significant changes.

The new test no longer contains the three point turn which seems to have been in the test for time immemorial. also dropped is the reverse around the corner.


In there place are two new manoeuvres – driving forward into a parking pay and then reversing out of it again and, controversially, pulling up on the wrong side of the road before reversing and then pulling away again.

Also in the test now is use of the satnav. Surprisingly this does not involve setting up the satnav. That will be done by the examiner using a satnav with pre planned routes. The satnav element will last 20 minutes (half of the test). However one in five tests will not involve use of the satnav but will instead require the current aspect of following road signs towards a given destination.

Other aspects of the test such as hill starts, angled starts and emergency stops (one in three tests) will remain the same as will the length of the test which is around 40 minutes.

Automatic lessons in Aylesbury

When people are looking to get a new car they will need to decide – manual or automatic/ Automatic cars are so easy to drive, so much less stressful that it is surprising that they are not more popular in the UK. If you are only ever going to want to drive an automatic then getting an automatic only licence is the easy option. Less stress, no gears to worry about, no messing around with the clutch and trying to find the biting point and above all no stalling!!!!

If you are looking for driving lessons in High Wycombe Aylesbury or Oxford or surrounding areas then you should look no further than MRA School of Motoring

Go Gearless automatic driving school

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New driving test 2017

The New Driving Test

As from 4th December 2017 there will be a whole big change in the UK driving test practical. For the first time the use of a sat nav device will be included in the test while the three point turn (or turn in the road exercise) which has formed a staple part of driving lessons for time immemorial will be scrapped. Driving instructors such as Pete Bryce of No Ls Driving School Bristol will be teaching learners to pull up on the right hand side of the road and pull away again as well as to drive forward into a supermarket parking bay and reverse out as well as to do the current bay parking exercise. The reverse around the corner exercise is also set to be dropped from the driving test.

Why a new test?

The aim of the new test is to make the driving test more relevant to real life driving. The majority of UK drivers have a satnav device and the DVSA wants to ensure that drivers are able to use them safely, being aware of the dangers that over reliance on a satnav device can bring.

|The new move is not without its critics within the driver training industry. The highway code suggests that drivers should not park on the right facing oncoming traffic. Critics feel that the new test is effectively endorsing something that the highway code says should not be done. There is also some doubt amongst instructors as to how easy it will be for instructors and examiners to get use of supermarket car parks.
Overall the public reception to the new driving test and its new manoeuvres has been cautiosly positive. The DVSA are however recommending that drivers should be still taught the turn in the road and reverse around a corner exercises as part of their regular driving lessons course. These are important skills even though test candidates will not be tested on them. As such it is expected that driving schools will continue to teach these manoeuvres.